Each Bone whistle is hand crafted starting with being thoroughly cleaned. My Bone whistles have no bad odors. The next step is to make them into a whistle. Once they are whistles they let me know how they would like to be decorated. I hand draw the graphics and then burn them into the whistle with a wood burner. The graphics then get painted. Most get a beaded deerskin loop on the end which can be used to attach the whistle to a necklace if desired.
At various times during the crafting of the whistle prayers and smudging are done.


Each whistle has it's own voice , these sound samples are only to give you an idea of how the whistles sound. When ordering you can ask me about the sound of the whistle.

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I have been crafting Bone Whistles since 2005, I hope in some way I am helping to keep an ancient art from dying. So many so called bone whistles being sold today are made of resin or some other material. My whistles are made from turkey bones. I like to think of my whistles as works of art that will be passed on down from generation to generation. I am always pleased when a purchaser sends me a message telling me they are using their whistle in ceremony or their prayers or as part of their Powwow regalia. Many purchasers have been Native Americans. It always does my heart good to know that one of my whistles is being used in a good way.

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