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Prayer Ties (the Lakota word is chanli apahcha or tobacco bundle). Prayer ties are spiritual tools created to be a physical representation and carriers of the energy of a prayer. Making Prayer Ties is a ceremony within itself. The process should be done with much reverence and respect. Sun Dancers make many Prayer Ties throughout the year. Often Prayer Ties are made during a Sweat Lodge Ceremony.
You may string many ties (bundles) together on one string or cord if you wish, or make individual ones. They can be strung into a necklace to be worn during a ceremony and burned so that the smoke released carries prayers to the universe and the Great Mystery. The White Sage bundle is for smudging you prayer bundles. Smudging is a key component of healing prayers and ceremonies it cleanses an area of negative energies, thoughts, feelings, and spirits.
Tobacco is used for your prayers which are smudged with the smoke of the sage. A small pinch as it is all that is needed to hold your prayer. Your prayer is thus mentally placed, and spoken into  the tobacco and placed into the bundle. Place your tobacco in the center of a square of fabric. Fold the fabric over, fold it again and one more time. Pinch the bundle together to make what looks like a little ghost, tie it at the top around the pinch of tobacco. Due to government regulations; tobacco is not supplied with this kit.

Sorry these are not available at this time.